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ClipperHub is the UK's first live waiting times and queue information service for barbershops and online marketplace for low price men’s products. Allowing you to see exactly how many people are in the queue at your barbershop, how many staff are working and how long the waiting time is before you’ve even left your house!

With ClipperHub you also can receive real-time alerts whenever there is a change in the queue – if someone leaves or joins the queue you will be notified instantly and updated with the new waiting time. This allows you to pick the optimum time to visit your barbershop and avoid long queues.

Online Shopping:
ClipperHub is also an online marketplace filled with a variety of men’s products to meet all your grooming needs, from beard oils and hair gel to skincare and aftershaves. Simply add the items to your basket, checkout and your items will be delivered to your door within a matter of days.

Why ClipperHub?
- Real-time Queue Information
- Real-time Alerts
- Find Top-Rated Barbershops Near You
- Exclusive Online Shopping
- Stay Up to Date with the Latest Trends

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What's new in v1.3
New splash screen and updated app icon.
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