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Task GPS
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Task GPS is a task management app which uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide a simplistic and data-driven experience for users. The main difficulty in completing tasks is our expertise at procrastination. While procrastination can drive us to complete tasks quickly near the deadline, procrastination is the main reason for stress which leads to lack of sleep, weight gain, depression, and more. The goal of this app is to reduce user procrastination by providing a service to assist procrastinating users rather than being a pager that prompts users to not procrastinate.

In contrast to other task management apps, Task GPS puts an emphasis on the importance of time. Time spent working, time spent relaxing, and time needed to complete tasks is all considered to provide the most useful suggestions for how to use your time.

Using Task GPS is simple.
- Simply create tasks and events or import them from other services such as Google Calendar. The app includes support for recurring tasks and events and easy schedule customization.
- Record periods of time that you are working on tasks with the built-in timer. The timer supports scientifically-supported methods of improving the efficiency of your work.
- See the progress you’ve made on your tasks in informative visualizations displaying productivity, workload, and scheduling over time.

Use one account. Use many devices. Task GPS synchronizes your data, so you never have to re-enter information.

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