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e-MJENGO is an e-commerce platform that is specialised in the construction industry with unlimited approach in the areas of
• Online purchase of Construction Materials
e-MJENGO provides a platform for easier access to construction materials, providing a hustle free avenue to the buyer and the sellers. Materials requisition, ordering, payment and delivery is conjoined virtually to allow buyers speedy processing

• Supply of skilled personnel in different trades in construction industry
e-MJENGO provides a platform for the skilled labourers in the construction industry access to a variety of clients within the country. Homeowners and contractor, both nationally and internationally are also able to access the services of the workers at the comfort of their phones. Our listed workers have access to company customised insurance all risk cover and can also get enrolled in our partners Sacco scheme

• Provision of hiring of construction machinery and equipment
Machines makes work easier, same as e-MJENGO as it provides a platform for machine owners to those requiring the services of machines. e-MJENGO provides the direct link between the machine owner and the client in need making the process more easier

• Provision of various construction services
e-MJENGO provides a platform for clients to access e-MJENGO certified service providers. Services like waste disposal, landscaping etc are now closer to the clients when need arises

• Trainings and apprenticeship.
e-MJENGO, having a great background in construction services, apprenticeship program will enhance the knowledge transfer from the most experienced artisans to the newcomers. e-MJENGO through its partners will provides trainings to enhance skills of those in the field

• Construction sites drone surveillance
Drones are here with us and e-MJENGO has already made it possible for a client to remotely survey and be up to date on the progress of individual project. The surveillance is conducted by the approved drone pilots.

The company was born out of the desire to embrace revolutionary technology in execution of construction work conveniently
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    June 24 2019