Bus Children Safe
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Bus Children Safe
Kenneth Powel
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BusChildrenSafe is Intelsity’s product.

ATTENTION: To gain access to the app, your school or your children school needs to have a subscription to Bus Children Safe to make it available to parents. Please contact your school to request Bus Children to be part of your child’s school, or visit

Bus Children Safe is a mobile app and web application platform that allows parents to know where their child is and when their child is picked up and dropped off by the school bus, bus drivers to simply press a button to mark off completed routes, and the bus can be easily tracked and managed along with the bus drivers and routes.

Key Features
- Live GPS tracking: Know exactly where your child’s school bus is at in real-time.
- Receive push notifications and a text message when your child is picked up and dropped off
- A history/track record of the exact days and times when your child has been picked up and dropped off
- Track all of your children that ride the school bus
- Your privacy is important: parents and children must be registered with the school along with the bus routes to have access to your child on Bus Children Safe app. 
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    February 18 2021