Cube Method Deluxe
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Cube Method Deluxe
Grant Wanderscheid
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This program will allow you to increase your strength in a carefully calculated approach. This method of training is designed to help you gain strength in a consistent manner and is there every step of the way to keep you on track. Just perform the main compound movements and choose what accessory work you want to do! This takes the guesswork out of getting stronger. Just add any extra assistance movements in settings that you wish and simply do what the program says. Then say hello to strength gains! To get started after installing the app just navigate to the settings page, from there you can enter your training maxes for the programming to be based on.

• Simple and intuitive design
• Statistics to visualize your progress
• Kilogram and Pound modes
• 3 days a week and 4 days a week option
• Fully customizable assistance/accessory lifts
• Set counters
• Ad-free
• Auto add weight at end of program allows for easy strength gains
• Weekly checkboxes to remind you what weeks have been completed
• Know which exercises to do and how much to lift each session
• Communicates the weight, sets, and reps to use. No longer a need for pen and paper!
• Enter 1 Rep Training maxes for a calculated training program
• 9-week strength training program to increase your strength and size
• Repeatable after the 9 weeks with increased weight option

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What's new in v1.1
*** Added set counting ability (read more in the main menu information screen)
*** Minor UI adjustments
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    June 21 2019
  • New App: $1.99
    June 18 2019