Guess the Rule
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Guess the Rule: Logic Puzzles
iOS Universal
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4.8 (6)
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4.8 (6)
A square next to a circle? A red triangle on the left? One of each color? There’s a secret rule to determine which sequences of 3 colored shapes are allowed and which are not. Using your powers of inductive logic, you must predict whether each new sequence fits. Collect evidence, adjust your predictions, and guess the rule–it’s a lot like the scientific method!

Guess the Rule is easy to learn but difficult to master. Start with simple rules, but if you want to spice things up, try adding “and”, “or”, or “if…then”… You’ll find endless challenges, some of which are absolutely diabolical!

Play alone or with friends! Compete for daily high scores, or see who can guess the rule fastest in a pass-and-play match.

-Endless variety of possible rules
-Quick sessions
-Simple 2-button interface
-2 levels of difficulty
-Pass and play with up to 4 players
-Daily leaderboards (requires iOS 14)
-No ads or in-app purchases
-Accessible with VoiceOver
What's new in v1.1
VoiceOver accessibility
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