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With NotePlan you get serious work done. It helps you to spend less time planning and more time doing. It lets you track your work and get things quickly out of your head, so you have the headspace to be creative - that's what brains are made for. Find out how!


1. Capture Your Thoughts
Open up today and get things off your mind. Quickly capture anything important: to-dos, details, journal entries, quotes, etc. Your mind works much better if you write down everything and don’t have to hold it in your memory.

2. Plan Your Day
Organise your tasks for the day by structuring them into headings and lists to get clarity and an overview of what needs to be done - Today. “Ultra-productive people don’t work from a to-do list, but they do live and work from their calendar.” - Forbes

3. Organize Your Projects
Create project notes for each of your goals, then schedule the to-dos into your calendar. Manage your calendar events & reminders alongside your to-dos to plan your time effectively.

4. Setup Your Routines
Establish daily routines that minimize decision making and free up your mental resources to tackle the important things. Create repeating reminders and events you do every day, week or month.

5. Review and Re-Schedule
Chances are, at the end of the day some to-dos are still open or you collected a few ideas which need your attention. Take your time and review them at the end of the day or week and make a quick decision: cancel, re-schedule or finish them right now.


1. Your Notes, Not Our’s
NotePlan saves and syncs all your notes in plain-text files securely on your iCloud Drive. We can’t see your notes, events, reminders or anything else. Events and Reminders are integrated with your iCloud account.

2. It’s Distraction-Free
NotePlan gets out of your way with a minimalistic design. It’s just you and your day. Tools are tucked away into a custom toolbar and you can use simple, adjustable Markdown to format your notes and to-dos.

3. It Gives You a Bird’s Eye View
The weekly and monthly calendar gives you an overview of your tasks. Days in the past will be marked if they still have open tasks. And a glimpse into the future days tell you what’s coming up.

4. It Combines Notes and Calendar
NotePlan allows you to work from notes and calendar at the same time, while giving you a glance at all the events and reminders of the day.

5. It Has Themes for Every Taste
Dark, light and everything in between. Select one of many themes to change the colors of the whole app, from clear white to elegant and complete black.


Get NotePlan for Mac and iOS (iPhone + iPad) to enjoy the full power of NotePlan across your devices (sold separately). The apps stay securely synced via iCloud and iCloud Drive. We don’t store your data on our servers.


If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please contact us. We provide fast and professional support:
What's new in v2.0.12
Thanks so much for all the feedback and for your support! We are trying to reply to every email, but it's getting really hard, so please be patient and keep sending.

In this update we focused on fixing as many issues as possible. More fixes and improvements are coming in the next updates (about every 2 weeks).

Follow us on Twitter to get all the news or to say hi: @NotePlanApp
Or email us your feedback:


- FIXED: Window position, size and view is restored now when you restart the app.
- FIXED: Grammar settings are saved.
- FIXED: Very long notes caused a beach ball (short freezing) during editing, now its faster.
- FIXED: Beach ball during mouse movement over a note improved.
- FIXED: Memory leaks removed.
- FIXED: View mode bugs fixed (most of them).
- FIXED: Sometimes wrong scroll position of monthly calendar at startup.
- FIXED: Crash when right-clicking into empty area in the notes list.
- FIXED: Buttons were overlapping with the window control buttons top left.

- CHANGED: Removed autodetecting time text and creating a link out of it. It was mostly distracting and just swallowed some CPU performance.
- CHANGED: Walkthrough and Styles buttons hidden in the sidebar, you can reach them through the Help menu only. Otherwise they are distracting.
- CHANGED: Week view button becomes an "x" / cancel button now when you start searching something, because the searchfield cancel button is not very clickable.

- NEW: Switch between calendar only and editor only views using mouse or keys to enter the editor and CMD+Return or ESC to exit the editor. Like in V1. Also a back button was added to return without keyboard back to the calendar. Switch to the notes view using CMD+Shift+N from any x-only view.
- NEW: Undo button added for checked off tasks when hovering over them. This way you can undo marking something as completed, canceled or scheduled. It also deletes the scheduled task in the other day if a date link was added.
- NEW: Arrow buttons to jump between notes added permanently to the top bar.
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