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Blare is a mobile music sharing and streaming experience that gives artists more opportunity to have their music heard by new listeners and gives listeners the freedom to discover new music by amazing artists from any state around the U.S. with just a simple search.

Artists can freely upload tracks and albums directly from their mobile devices using Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Files, and more, and can manage, edit, or delete their music from their profile easily.


• Customize your profile for listeners with images, a catchy bio, and your music, of course.

• Discover and stream amazing music by artists from any state within the U.S.

• Search an artist by their username and listen to all of their available tracks and albums.

• Follow your favorite artists and never miss a new track or album.

• Direct message your favorite artists and start collaborating immediately.

• 'Clap' for tracks that you enjoy and help your favorite artists grow. Clap as many times as you want.

• 'Boo' for tracks that you don't like. The more 'boo's' a track receives, the less often it plays. Boo as many times as you want.

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