Huge Digital Clock
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iOS Universal
Huge Digital Clock
Riccardo Camattari
iOS Universal
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This is a huge digital clock, the biggest! It reproduces the fabulous display of a digital clock. The display is always on. The design is customizable.

• It shows an extra-large digital clock.
• It can show the day of the week.
• It can show the calendar date
• Clock color is adjustable.
• Clock font is settable.
• Clock format can be set to h24 or h12 and is automatically detected at the first launch.
• Works in landscape and in portrait mode. The orientation can also be detected automatically.
• The status bar can be hidden.

Works on any device, including tablets. If you decide to use this clock during the night, since the monitor is always on, it is better to keep the device in charge. The luminosity can be decreased through the "Night mode".

If there is any problem, instead of give a bad review, please send me an email. I will try my best to resolve any issue! :)
What's new in v1.1.4
Icon of the app changed.
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