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Do you like feeling overwhelmed?

Having more work than other people?

If the answer is no, this is the app for you!

Splitty will make your life fair and equal.

Create a group for your household, class projects or small business.

Then create a list of task you'd like the group to complete.

Splitty will alert you and your group when a task has been done.

See how much work you're doing in real time with our sleek and easy UI.

Use the chat function to leave notes and record expenses.

You're one download away from a more equal life for all
What's new in v1.4
Fixed some bugs.

Updated the profile section.

Add users button.

added delete group button.
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    November 27 2019
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    November 7 2019
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    September 5 2019
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    August 17 2019
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    June 22 2019