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BusyCal: Calendar & Todos
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BusyCal is a powerful, flexible calendar app for managing busy schedules, events and to dos.

BusyCal's unique features include customizable calendar views, integrated to dos, meeting scheduling, travel time, maps integration, natural language input, tags, alarms, search, weather, moons, birthdays, anniversaries, graphics and more.

BusyCal provides reliable support for iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, Office 365, and other CalDAV servers, enabling you to sync and share calendars with other Macs and iOS devices running BusyCal or the built-in Calendar app.

BusyCal for iOS is a full-featured mobile companion to BusyCal for Mac, the leading calendar solution for Mac OS X that thousands of users have trusted and depended on for years.

Calendar Views

• Display your calendar by Month, Week, Day or List.
• Pinch and zoom to control the number of weeks shown per month, and days shown per week.
• Customize the calendar appearance including calendar colors, weather, moons, birthdays, anniversaries, event times, week numbers and more.


• Create events manually or automatically using natural language.
• Choose from a wid range of attributes to display when viewing or editing events including travel time, time zones, attendees, contacts, tags, maps, last edit time, and more.
• Add tags to events to track projects and important events.

To Dos

• To Dos are displayed directly in the calendar and carry-forward until completed.
• To Dos can be undated, or scheduled to occur on a specific date or time.
• To Dos can be scheduled to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
• To Dos can be sorted and filtered by date, priority, calendar or title.

Travel Time, Locations and Maps

• Supports Location Services for adding locations to events.
• Supports both Apple Maps and Google Maps for driving directions.
• Travel time allows you to block out time to travel to an appointment.
• Alarms can warn you in advance of travel time when it's time to leave.


• Display Birthdays and Anniversaries, including birthday age and anniversary number.
• Display a live 10-day weather forecast.
• Display phases of the moon.
• Display graphics created in BusyCal for Mac.

Sync and Share calendars

• Sync and share calendars with iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, Office 365, Fruux, Yahoo, Kerio, Zimbra, OS X Server, SabreDAV and other CalDAV servers.
• Sync with other Macs and iOS devices running BusyCal or the built-in Calendar app.


• Receive Inbox notifications of meetings and changes to events on shared calendars.
• Search your calendar for past and future events and to dos.
• Set default settings for events, to dos and alarms.
What's new in v3.5.1
* Bug fixes
* Ongoing stability improvements

* NEW: Dark mode support for iOS 13
* NEW: Modern Authentication (MFA / 2FA / SSO) support for Office 365 accounts. To use this, pick "Office 365" when adding a new account.
* Improved handling of time-outs from Exchange when using push sync with multiple delegates
* Improved detection and correction of malformed recurrence rules in calendar subscriptions
* Added automatic handling of invites when coming from for users still on
* Performance improvements to background sync
* New setting for showing completed To Dos on original due date vs. completed date
* Notes containing HTML are now rendered as such, including rich text and hyperlinks
* List / Day / Week views now show an alarm icon for events with alarms
* Added support for dynamic font sizes to the location picker
* Improvements to time-ranged calendar syncing with iCloud. Default sync range has changed to "1 year back".
* Improved processing of CalDAV meeting invites for shared calendars
* Improved connectivity for Synology CalDAV servers
* Improved connectivity for custom Exchange accounts
* Improved weather data retrieval
* Improved "sync at launch" for accounts with Push sync enabled
* Improvements to notifications
* Improved discovery of shared calendars on Exchange
* Improved connectivity for Synology CalDAV servers
* Improved Time Zone picker
* Improved detection of updates from broken WebDAV feeds
* Improved detection of changes from subscribed calendars that don't update modification times
* Added support for CalDAV servers that omit sending calendar descriptions at times
* Added support for password AutoFill when adding a new account
* Fixed icon reflecting Organisers attendance in meeting invites
* Fixed a bug where alarms wouldn’t add for an all day event on Exchange
* Fixed a bug where a meeting from iCloud would display a cryptic URL instead of the organizer's real email address
* Fixed a bug where a meeting from iCloud would display a cryptic URL instead of the organizer's real email address
* Fixed a bug where all day detached events from exchange would at times would ignore the originally assigned timezone
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