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Pennywise: Expense Tracker
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Pennywise is a simple, no-frills expense tracker that helps you become more mindful about your spending.

By aggregating and categorizing your expenses daily, you will spend less money on things that don't add value to your life and save more for the things that do.

Key Features:

- Auto-Import: Connect your bank and credit card accounts to automatically import your daily expenses.
- Manual Categorization: Manually categorize every expense to promote more mindful spending.
- Analytics: Data-driven insights help you understand trends and measure improvement.
- Secure and Private: Your data is stored securely on your device and never shared with third parties.
- Ad-Free: We make money by charging a monthly subscription (coming soon)—not by showing you annoying ads you don't want to see.
- Personal Support: We're a small, dedicated team, so if you need help you'll get it directly from the people who created the app.
What's new in v1.1.8
Updated contact info for support!
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    May 2 2020
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    December 6 2019
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    December 5 2019
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    December 2 2019