Analog Clock-OLEDX Large Clock
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iOS Universal
Analog Clock-OLEDX Large Clock
Muhammad Yasin Javed
iOS Universal
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A simple Clock/Information Interface made to take advantage of the iPhone OLED displays. Keep track of time, add a personal note, add icons or images to the Information Interface.

ASD stand analog face clock is a combination of hd Wallpaper display clock series, night analog clock, face clock with photo display.Big HD analog face clock display.

ASD Analog Face Clock, contains multiple sets of analog clock, photo clock and wallpaper analog clocks.Your device needs such a beautiful clock by using wallpaper analogue clock display and face clock with full screen display.Multiple sets of beautiful clock dials.Dream analog face clock that is displayed across the whole screen on your device.

ASD Analog Clock OLEDX is highly energy efficient. By using the most efficient methods to accomplish its main purpose OLEDX achieves very low power consumption.

The iPhone OLED screens make it possible to have zero light emitting from pixels that are not being used, the entire screen will look completely dark while the information interface pixels will emit light.


- Analog clock full screen display

- Face Analog clock display with full screen display

- Customize Face clock display by import image from gallery or using device camera

- Specially designed for night stand using night analog clock display

- HD Wallpaper analogue clock display with visual & multiple color art display

- Clock with date, time & battery status

- You can change date, time & battery color

- Add memo text

- A variety of clock styles are available

- Minimalist design, simple is the best


• More than 9 analogue clock display series.

• Offered more than 200 + wallpaper analog clock display series.

• Add background picture.

• Change color scheme and clock face.

• 24-hour analogue clock

• 12-hour inverse clock (anti-clockwise)

• Tik-tok / continuos clock movement.

• Swipe slowly up/down to change the brightness

• Battery indicator

Analog Clock Series :

• Analog Clocks.

• Night Analog.

• Photo Analog.

• Wallpaper Analog.

• Art Analog.

• Stone Analog.

• Mountains Analog.

• Gold Analog.

• Anim Analog.

• Fun Analog.

• Moon Analog.

• Nature Analog.
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