Cranberry Queues
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iOS Universal
Cranberry Queues
iOS Universal
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Too many people to accommodate song recommendations? Put your queue on the map with live public playlists. Anyone nearby can join and suggest new music. Just don't walk too far away or you'll be kicked!

Looking for a more exclusive, or mobile, alternative? Private queues let you dictate the same experience on a road trip or from across the globe. Now visualize who is listening with you on the world map.

Guests can vote on the order of upcoming music and bury bad tracks or fastlane absolute pops.

Represent your neighborhood. Get started now!
What's new in v1.9.1
Updated Join Private Modal UI
Updated Create Public & Private Modal UI
Updated Map Screen UI
Updated Map Help Screen UI
Updated Onboarding Help Screen Automatic Pop Up (Delay)
Updated Loaders
Added Explicit Song Tags to Song Cards
Featured Artists Rendered on Song Cards
Non Premium User Lockout From Creation
Updated Segmented Modal UX
Updated Map UX (State wide render)
Fixed Bugs
Fixed Synchronization Issue
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    March 24 2020
  • Update
    February 20 2020
  • New App: Free
    February 15 2020