Balls Shooter
4.6 (119)
iOS Universal
Balls Shooter - Break Bricks
Jianfu Wang
iOS Universal
Rating (Average):
4.6 (119)
Rating (Current): 
4.6 (119)
How to play
By manually operating the BB cannon to hit the upper crown, you can pass.
However, there is a guard under the crown, and there are rows of digital blocks in the middle.
You need to destroy these squares before you can cancel the shield.
Of course, some guards have gaps, you can see the timing through the gap to hit the crown.
There are also 20 kinds of BB bullets that will automatically attack you. All you have to do is upgrade them.

Game features
- 2 distinctive BB guns
- Cannon-B with concentrated firepower up, Cannon-S with large area scattering
- 20 kinds of projectiles with their own strengths, automatically help you fight
- Even if you are offline, there is a benefit, it will be linked to the level of the automatic projectile.
- 5 skills to help you get through quickly and get rich benefits
- 1500+ level waiting for you to break