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We are a physician driven patient advocacy site. Based on recent scientific data we believe in patient education regarding treatment options for coronary artery disease and the relatively comparable choice between percutaneous coronary artery Intervention (PCI) or minimally invasive stenting procedures and CABG.

We fully support a “HEART TEAM” approach to patient care with input from both a Cardiologist and a Cardiac surgeon and agree that in some instances CABG may be the appropriate choice. However, we give patients the ability to obtain a quick and easy second opinion from a local interventional cardiologist.

Just like all mechanics are not the same neither are all Interventional Cardiologists. We match patients advised CABG with nearby Interventional Cardiologists who are our Physicians Par excellence™ (PPEx™) or doctors specialized in stent procedures using the latest technique and technology to achieve results comparable to surgery ensuring optimal outcomes.

In fact, our proprietory HIPAA compliant mobile software even allows both patients and doctors to upload angiograms and other diagnostic studies done during their workup streamlining patient management in a time-saving cost effective manner.

NOCOBYE™ uses specific criteria to select PPEx™ and believes that patient education and choice are fundamental to ensuring excellent clinical outcomes.

We believe in patient education regarding relatively comparable choices and treatment options.

Recent advancements in stent technology and stenting techniques now provide a viable nonsurgical method of treating complex coronary artery disease that traditionally may have required Coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG).

We match patients advised Coronary Bypass Surgery with nearby Interventional Cardiologists who are Physicians Par excellence™ (PPEx™) for complex coronary stenting and in most cases can achieve results comparable to surgery using nonsurgical techniques.

Based on an analysis of best practices in Interventional cardiology this site believes that a Physician of Excellence™ (PPEx™) for complex percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) should meet the following criteria:

Board certification in the subspeciality of Interventional Cardiology at the time of initial application.
Minimum 3 years of practice in Interventional Cardiology.
Annual PCI volume of at least 75 cases.
Annual protected PCI (miniature cardiac pump assisted PCI) volume of at least 10 cases or a Lifetime protected PCI volume of 30 cases.
Facility with peripheral vascular interventions (minimum 30 cases per year).
Demonstrated ability to safely insert and remove the miniature cardiac assist device using the upper thigh approach without any help from a vascular surgeon.
Acceptable complication rate.
Acceptable medical malpractice history.
We consider the following criteria highly desirable but not mandatory to qualify as a Physician Par Excellence

Facility with alternate access upper arm (Axillary Artery) approach for miniature cardiac assist device insertion and removal without assistance from a Vascular surgeon.
Dedicated work and demonstrated ability in the area of chronic total occlusion (CTO) revascularization.

There is a new evolving subspecialty group of physicians within Interventional cardiology itself focused on ‘Complex High Risk Indicated Procedures’; or “CHIP” with many traditionally learning through time and experience and others more recently opting to spend an additional year of training in designated fellowship programs.

This site believes the “CHIP” operator of the future will consider PATIENT PREFERENCE also a valid indication as well and accordingly only select physicians that meet a set criteria to be designated PPEx™.
What's new in v3.0.0
Decreased functionality for simplicity and user friendliness.
Interested Interventional Cardiologists who believe they meet the criteria to be a Physician Par Excellence must submit applications through the apps registration process in order to be considered for listing and matching.
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