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Maldives Travelling Info PRO
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On behalf of everyone in Maldives we extend towards you, a warm and hearty welcome. The objective overdue producing this Application is to share the colors, the romance, the heritage, the perceptions as well as the inscrutability that interlaces this Maldives legend.

It is an attempt to equip you with all the relevant information, tools and resources needed to make your journey enriching, straight forward and enjoyable on this heritage land. The Maldives soul is embodied by its regular everyday people. We hope that to some.

The App covers and describes with photographs most of the known tourist destinations of Maldives.

Pictures of these places of Maldives and its colorful life are very interesting. The app is made in a manner that it attracts a tourist to Maldives and when he is there, it facilitates the exploration in a smooth and intelligent manner.

This app having so many other functionality like feedback for app , share in different social media.

PRO Version of Maldives Travelling Info.

PRO Version Feature -

- UI Improvement.
- Famous Food Details Added.

Thanks for using Maldives Travelling Info PRO.

Enjoy your holidays.
What's new in v1.1
- Minor Bug Fixed!!
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    July 16 2019
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    July 5 2019