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PreyModel Praw
Iliya Totsev
iOS Universal
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The purpose of this app is to assist people who feed a Prey Model raw diet to their cats, dogs, or ferrets. This style of raw feeding attempts to mimic the natural prey of your carnivorous pet by combining meat, bones, and organs from various sources. Therefore, it is also know as Frankenprey. It's similar in benefits but a bit more practical than feeding a Whole Prey raw diet in the sense that its constituents are more easily obtainable.

Essentially, the app is a food logger. It will simplify balancing your pet's diet by tracking the percentages and recommending what you should feed in order to get them where they should be. Thus, you can skip making complicated feeding plans. You can feed whatever you have available in the fridge now and balance it out another day. The app will help you achieve balance over the course of a customizable period of time. It will also automatically suggest a smaller meal size for the day if you have overfed recently, and a larger one if you have underfed. The goal percentages and the average daily intake can be customized for each individual pet. For example, you may wish to decrease the bone percentage for your cat, as many raw feeders do, but keep your dog to the default 10%. Although the most popular raw foods are predefined in the app, you are free to edit them or add new ones.
In order to help you with shopping, the app also features a Food Supply Calculator that tells you how much food will be needed by your pets for a given number of days.
What's new in v2.1
Fixed a problem with displaying dates.
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