Qredit Mobile
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Qredit Mobile
Hodler Company V.O.F
iOS Universal
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Qredit Mobile is a digital crypto wallet, created by Hodler Enterprises, in which you are able to manage your Qredit coins and much more!

It contains the following features:
- Digital wallet to store Qredit coins
- Manage multiple separate wallets
- Manage address book
- Monitor and vote for delegates
- Send/receive Qredit coins
- Qredit/Fiat conversion

Qredit is an easy to use decentralized payment gateway for merchants and consumers. Visit for more info!

Multiple wallets:
You will be able to manage multiple wallets inside the Qredit Mobile application.

Address book:
No need to remember all of your contacts’ addresses. Save them by name and use the search bar to find them easily.

Monitor delegates:
You will now be able to monitor the powerful and advanced delegates of the Qredit network from your smartphone!

Vote for delegates:
Vote for your favourite delegates and be able to earn extra Qredits!

Find out how easy transferring money can be with the Qredit Mobile app. It’s quick, easy and reliable!

Fiat conversion:
The Qredit Mobile application is always up to date with the latest fiat value. Seeing how much your total amount is worth has never been so easy!
What's new in v2.4.14
Updates to the mobile app required by blockchain version update
  • App History
  • Update
    July 12 2019
  • Update
    May 15 2019
  • Update
    April 16 2019
  • New App: Free
    February 17 2019