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Splity - Group Expenses
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The Splity App allows you to track group travel and other expenses and see who owes whom and how much.
We created this mobile application, because we travel a lot and need to calculate the expenses, that’s why we tried to create quite simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface. No bulky tables or forms. No registration needed. No ads, no subscription, no in-app purchases. Pay once and use as much as you like.

Key features:
- create group with participants, select currency, upload avatars for participants or choose participant from contacts;
- add group expenses, select participants to share, set different sums for each participant if needed;
- filter expenses by participants;
- see how much every person spend;
- see who owes whom and how much;
- ability to edit group - change currency, add new person to group.
With Splity App you can track not only travel expenses, but any other group expenses, like roommate expenses, events with friends or just keep track of personal expenses.
What's new in v1.2.0
- new languages
- improvements and bugs fixes
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    September 2 2019
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    July 2 2019
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    June 28 2019
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    June 28 2019
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    June 24 2019
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    June 22 2019