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The Clock
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5.0 (23)
Best Clock app I have seen for Mac (AU)
Fabulous design (US)
Absolutely excellent clock and time zone app (AU)
Simple! I use it everyday! Brilliant! (UK)
Perfect for Global Responsibilities(US)

Completely redesigned, The Clock 4 Bigger than ever.

The Clock
• Keep track, easily and efficiently of your contacts in different time zones.
• Have a quick view on a Calendar, which can be integrated with the macOS Calendar
• Easily setup meetings with the Meeting Planner.
• Have a highlight on the Business Hours and Holidays of your subcontractors, customers, ...
• Highly customizable.
• Be reminded when to Take a Break and relax.
• Full Trackpad integration, swipe to travel trough time.
• Touch Bar and Notification Center Widget ready for your convenience.
• Window resizing and the responsive design to adapt to your need.
• HandOff with The Clock on your iPhone/iPad.

The World Clocks
• AM/PM or 24Hours.
• Analog or Digital Clock view.
• Choose among a wide range of complications
• Business Hours.
• Time offset.
• Sunrise/Sunset.
• Country.
• Time Zone offset (PDT, CDT, UTC…).
• Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.
• AM/PM, 24H.
• Drag&Drop the world clocks to order them.
• Beautiful clock face displaying day and night.
• Personalize the world clock time format per cities.
• Change the city name.
• PDT, CDT, MDT, GMT… and more automatically adapting during daylight saving period.

Meeting Planner
• Meeting Planner Slider to travel through time.
• Business Hours led to check if your contact is in the working hours time frame.
• Select a date in the calendar for an accurate Daylight Saving adjustment.
• With the integration into The Clock have a quick look on your schedule
• With the Calendar Complication, automatically know if you are busy while planning a meeting.
• Export easily your schedule information by a simple copy/paste or share menu or Drag & Drop.
• Slider automatically round the time to 15/30 min.

• Navigate the months with buttons, keyboard shortcuts, trackpad.
• Show/Hide the Calendar.
• Toggle week/month view.
• Show/Hide the weeks number.
• Select your referenced calendar for the week number. (Regional settings, or ISO 8601).
• Select a day in Meeting Planner for an accurate Daylight Saving adjustment.
• Highlight days off per city.
• Follow the macOS setting for calendar first day of the week or set your own...
• Choose to integrate or not with the macOS Calendar.
• Have a quick view on your calendar events.
• Calendar complication to immediately see what is coming next on your schedule.

• Voice Over.
• Dynamic Type for font size to adapt to your need.
• Color blind friendly.
• Haptic feedback (for Mac supporting it).

• Choose between 4 beautiful themes (White/Dark/Daisy Blue/Deep Dark) with transparency or not.
• Select clock faces.
• Have the theme follow automatically the color of your appearance.
• Rearrange The Clock menu bar items by (shift) drag and drop.
• Keyboard Shortcuts for most common actions.
• Display the moon phase, and get all the moon phase informations.
• Backup/Restore your settings easily (Local, Dropbox, iCloud).
• Keep or not The Clock window floating above your desktop.
• Choose to access The Clock from the menu bar or from the Dock.
• Enjoy the Take a Break feature, and relax.
• Amazing Take a Break screen saver, displaying quotes among ~100 quotes in 8 genres or World Clock Map.
• Or the Take a Break screen saver, with your own text.
• And more …
• And with a real user manual to go deeper in the discovery of all the features.
What's new in v4.0.5
version 4.0.5: Bigger than Ever Release

∙ [New] Select text with date and time from anywhere and convert to local time.
∙ [New] Drag and Drop text with date and time from anywhere to The Clock and automatically adjust the slider to it.
∙ [Bug fixed] While attached to the menu bar, sometime the clicks were going through the window.
∙ [Bug fixed] While attached to the menu bar, and menu bar hidden, the window was not showing while using the global keyboard shortcut.
∙ [Bug fixed] Other small bugs fixed.

version 4.0: Bigger than Ever Release
Everything is in the title. This new major release is so big that I will focus on the biggest new features. So many new features.

Very big ones!
∙ [New] The Clock is now available across all your devices. Mac, iPhone, iPad
∙ [New] Full new code using the most advanced Apple technology, to have the same consistent experience across all your devices.
∙ [New] The Clock window can now be resized as you want with the new responsive design (while detached from the menu bar). Meaning Full screen, Split screen and more.
∙ [New] The Clock now fully support the Touch Bar.
∙ [New] The Clock widget for the Notification Center.
∙ [New] Expanded Planner while the window is open large enough.
∙ [New] Drag and Drop the meeting planner panel now possible.
∙ [New] Continuity available between all your devices.
∙ [New] Accessibility with the support of Dynamic Type font.
∙ [New] Accessibility with a color blind friendly mode.
∙ [New] Menubar time and date custom format.
∙ [New] Pomodoro mode now available for Take a Break.
∙ [New] Calendar toggle week view, month view.
∙ [New] Complications can be displayed left or right side. With 3 more complications too.
∙ [New] Daylight saving icons will appear before the date of change.
∙ [New] Daisy blue theme.

Big ones!
∙ [New] The Clock interface and experience has been refined.
∙ [New] Backup to iCloud now available.
∙ [New] New Cities added. You can now add Exchange Markets and more.
∙ [New] Drag and Drop the today button and get a timestamp.
∙ [New] Calendar delegates are now supported.
∙ [New] Define when the yearly quarter start.
∙ [New] The Clock can now be in Dock Mode without the menu bar.
∙ [New] Haptic feedback.
∙ [New] And many more.
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