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Songbirds – Creative Gaming
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4.3 (6)
Create music, compose melodies, and craft soundscapes in Songbirds - a playful musical game for people of all ages and musical abilities.

"One of the most interesting pieces of digital entertainment we've poked at for a good long while." - PocketGamer

Relax in a calming, creative experience as you explore the sounds of the Songbirds in three unique musical environments:

• The Sky - Draw across the night sky and these birds will create beautiful melodies. Use all four tempos to build up complex polyrhythmic patterns.
• The Lake - These birds create sound as they dive into the water. Take control of their timing to compose intricate, calming melodies.
• The Flock - Guide the flock to craft soaring meditative soundscapes. Use the moons to build up compositional layers and harmonies.

What's new in v1.0.3
• You can now save your recordings to your device.

Thanks for all the support, feedback, and kind words :)
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