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Portal - Focus, Sleep, Escape
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4.7 (155)
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Escape around the world with Portal.

Whether you’re struggling to focus at work, stressed on your daily commute or need help winding down at night, Portal provides a beautiful and unique way to escape noise and distraction and help improve your productivity, sleep and relaxation.

Swipe through our "portals" and let our 3D soundscapes, beautiful visuals and Philips Hue smart lighting immerse you in your chosen location. Focus surrounded by the rumble of a thunderstorm in the Amazon, meditate to the sound of the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii, or drift off to sleep at dusk in Tyrol, Austria.

We believe that the simple act of changing your ambience can have a huge and positive impact on your life, and we’ve made it our mission to capture ambience from around the world and bring it to you like never before.

Key features:

- 18 unique Portals, specially chosen to help you focus, sleep and relax (4 FREE, 14 Unlocked with a $3.99 In-App Purchase)
- Features immersive 3D soundscapes from Emmy award winning nature sound recordist
- Philips Hue integration to match the colour of your room with your chosen environment
- Siri Shortcuts - deep integration to allow voice control of Portal or single tap shortcuts to your favourite setups
- Stream audio to your speakers with AirPlay
- 3 optimised interfaces for focus, sleep and escape
- Beautiful dark design, including motion views of Earth from the International Space Station
- A simple & intuitive interface - change your ambience with a single swipe
- Stunning HD visuals captured with drones and traditional cameras
- Varied content, from thunderstorms and crashing waves, to forests and tropical beaches
- Countdown timer to set specific focus periods, sleep timers and rest periods
- Focused task option for a simplified Pomodoro technique
- Alarm clock for a gentle wakeup each day
- Basic breathing exercise to calm and relax
- Optimised for the new edge-to-edge iPhone & iPad Pro displays

What our users are using Portal for:
- To help with sleep (great for babies and young children too)
- To mask noise and distraction in the office
- To help with focus while studying
- To help improve concentration and creativity while working
- To improve productivity
- To help calm anxiety
- To help reduce stress
- To add relaxing ambience to a busy commute
- To provide beautiful natural ambience for meditation and yoga
- To pair with podcasts, playlists and audiobooks for added ambience and masking external noise
- To cut out cabin noise, calm anxiety and improve sleep on flights
- To help mask the effects of tinnitus

PLEASE NOTE: Portal makes use of some of the latest technologies available on iOS and can be demanding for older iPhones and iPads. An iPhone 6S or iPad Air 2 or newer is recommended for the best experience.
What's new in v2.0.1
This release includes a few small improvements and bug fixes:

* Fixes an issue where the app can be killed when running a timer in the background on older devices
* Improved the audio control interface with the option to hide the "mix with other apps" hint
* There's now the option to hide the Siri Shortcuts buttons from settings

Thanks again to everyone who's been in touch for your amazing feedback and suggestions.
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