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MFL is a unique way to show appreciation for an artist’s skills. If you like an artist’s work, you can appreciate it with a micropayment along with a "like". It is a virtual adaptation of the real-world phenomenon called busking or street performance where, if you like a street artist’s performance, you appreciate their skills via donations & tips using special can or box. MFL gives artists, painters, performers, photographers, videographers and serious content creators a virtual space or street to perform and collect money. For audiences, MFL gives you an opportunity to show to your favorite artists how much you really like their content and how much you’re enjoying. On MFL, you can be both a content creator and a content consumer or audience at the same time. Trade MoneyLikes with fellow content creators, monetize your followers, find out how much they really appreciate the content you’re creating.

Use MFL to:

• Post photos you want people to see. Edit them with filters and creative tools.
• Post videos and audios you want people to watch and appreciate your for.
• Browse photo, video and audio posts from other people in your feed. Appreciate the posts you like with a single click micropayment.
• Add your favorite artists or content creators as connections and pay them directly if you want.
• Buy Moneylikes, the local currency used in MFL, and use the same while paying to your favorite posts.
• Check your Moneylikes balance and transactions in your MFL wallet.
• Withdraw your Moneylikes easily to your bank, PayPal, Cash or Venmo account with ZERO transaction fee.
What's new in v1.01
* Photo quality is now full resolution
* We have added 2 new MoneyLike packs for you to buy
* Photos will now appear in their original aspect ratio
* Smoother scrolling
* Lots of bug fixes and improved experience!
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    October 13 2019
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    August 11 2019
  • $1.99
    August 3 2019
  • New App: Free
    June 24 2019