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ICON: Presets for Lightroom
Gustas Brazaitis
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• 6 Different Collections of Presets

Start your journey with ICON today. We're offering most popular presets like Teal and Orange, Cyan and others for FREE. If it's not enough then you can purchase Premium for the lowest price on the market. Pay once and get everything. Every single month we update our application and we add new Presets. Every single preset was developed professionally with Lightroom and with huge passion for photography. And the most important thing is that we made everything inspired by famous bloggers. If you want to have top quality Instagram feed then you definitely need our help! Now you can have a beautiful unique look by single tap in our application.

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What's new in v1.0.3
•10 new presets added.
•Now it's easier to contact developer and get support.
•Design and performance improvements
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  • Update
    November 8 2019
  • Update
    November 2 2019
  • Update
    October 7 2019
  • New App: Free
    October 6 2019