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DNG - Presets for Lightroom
Gustas Brazaitis
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4.5 (59)

Do you love to look good in pictures? Would you like to set the tone and mood of pictures as per your preference? How about an app which works way better than cc to edit pictures? Step into the social trends heaven with this amazing free photography editing via presets app. Offering a wide range of 2020 popular and free filters, this amazing app is here to win from all the other photography apps. Adjust lightroom tone and mood for the pictures by choosing any overlay from ten different presets. Try it today!

Pro Photography

Experience the satisfaction of professional photography with this new preset photo editing app. No matter what type of picture you have captured with your camera, you can always change their outlook by applying popular presets on the pictures. Receive the attention you deserve by enhancing your photography skills and using this photo editing via presets app.

Lightroom presets

Edit Instagram pictures or enhance pictures to use on your blog with this stellar new app. We have carefully gathered tons of new presets. Simply swipe across the different overlays and choose the one you like the most.

Enhance your pictures
Enhance your pictures and make them drool-worthy with the best overlays app out there. Follow in the footsteps of famous bloggers or set a unique outlook for your blog or social account by using any type of overlay as you like. With this safe, secure and highly responsive app, you can never get bored of editing your pictures. Impress the audience and captivate their attention to be the one receiving all the likes, comments and compliments!

How to use DNG: Lightroom Presets:
• Download and launch the app
• Choose a preset
• Copy picture settings
• Paste settings on your desired image
• Share images on Instagram
• Rule the online world like a pro!

Are you ready to become more Instagram friendly and trendier on social networking sites? Become a trend-setter rather than a trend follower by applying popular new filters and image presets to your photographs. Offer your profile or blog a unique look with this amazing presets app. Download and use DNG: Lightroom Presets today!
What's new in v1.0.8
Design and performance improvements.
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