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Prayoga is a brand new way of learning Yoga. You not only get to learn new poses, you also get feedback on how you are performing your pose. Prayoga uses Body tracking technology along with machine learning to understand how you are performing a pose and in real time give you feedback to get to a perfect pose. The app also includes 3D models of the instructor that can be placed in your living room to learn more about each pose. Once you select an asana, you get to view the instructor performing the asana in a traditional 2D video format. You also have an option to put the 3D model of the instructor in your own living room, walk around and see how to achieve that perfect pose. You can then place your phone on a table and follow audio instructions. Prayoga uses AR Body tracking to understand several joints in your body to tell you exactly where you are going wrong with the pose and helps you correct it immediately. Once the pose is finished you are evaluated and given a score to keep a track of that asana.

We will be increasing the asanas available to be evaluated in the coming weeks. Lots of new technology and additions planned as well. Stay safe and stay tuned!

Please Note: Body tracking is available only on Phones with A12 Chip and above ( iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max )
What's new in v1.0.14
Fix for the navigation issue on 13.4.
Preparing ourselves for the big release. Enjoy the limited number of Asanas to evaluate. Lot more asanas will be added in the coming weeks.
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    March 26 2020
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    March 25 2020
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    March 22 2020