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Next Up - A Podcast Alarm
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Next Up is a podcast alarm clock designed to make mornings better. Wake up each morning to any podcast you choose, whether a guided meditation, a comedy show, the daily news, or the gentle voice of LeVar Burton reading you a new short story. (Next Up also supports setting alarms with traditional alarm sounds.)

Choose any podcasts you’ve downloaded in the native Podcasts app, and Next Up will start playing them just when you want. Even repeat alarms on specific days for podcasts that are released on a regular schedule.

Wake up to the newest episodes for timely content like news, sports, or current events. Or choose to start from the beginning with newly discovered stand-alone or serial podcasts.

Skip episodes you’ve already heard, change the snooze duration, set the volume, skip the intro ads and more – Next Up lets you customize every alarm.

When the alarm starts playing, you can snooze it for a few, stop the playback altogether, or seamlessly continue listening even after you close the app. Use the native controls in the Music app, lock screen, and control center to pause, play, or skip back or forward.

For a more complete sleep experience, Next Up now gives you the option to fall asleep to white noise, or a podcast on a sleep timer, as well.

Check out the Featured tab for ideas on good podcasts to start your morning with. Even recommend a favorite of your own.

Just activate the alarm before bed and wake up the next morning with the podcast of your choosing.
What's new in v2.1.1
Didn't finish the episode yesterday? Now you can pick up where you left off. Just enable the option in the Settings tab. New user recommended podcasts in the 'Featured' tab. More performance improvements and bug fixes to help things run smoother.
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