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Kieran Cairney
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With the world seemingly more divided than ever in 2020, Change My Mind seeks to bring us all to a common ground one chat at a time.

Change My Mind is the best platform to bring us all together for 3 key reasons:
- 100% anonymous
- 1-on-1 conversations are more personal than social media or message boards
- There is no upvote system to encourage/discourage specific behavior

Security and anonymity is our top priority. With a simple sign in using your Apple ID, you can start chatting anonymously with others.

We invite and encourage all users to chat openly and honestly. Empathizing with other's opinions is the key to growth and reaching a common ground.

If you did learn something after your chat, please click the "I Learned Something" button so we can know if we're achieving our intent with the app.

We invite you to join the community to bring us all towards a common ground.
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  • New App: Free
    July 25 2020