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Make instantly! Insta websites are super easy to make and update anytime. No desktops, design or website building skills needed. All you need is your iPhone and the Milkshake app.

1. Pick a card
Cards are the website pages of your Insta website. You can swipe between each card like an Instagram Story. Each card has unique features for what you want to say, sell or share.

2. Add your content
Personalize each card with your text, images, GIFs, YouTube videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, contact details, links and more!

3. Shake up your look
‘Shake it up’ to choose the best look for your card. Customize looks with brand colors, fonts, logos and images. All look designs are beautiful, professional and mobile responsive.

4. Publish and add to bio
Once you’ve made your Insta website, publish it online for FREE. Then add your ‘link in bio’ to Instagram, TikTok and social profiles to connect your followers to your shiny new Insta website - easy!

Love stats?
Keep an eye on the performance of your Insta website with Milkshake Insights. Track the analytics of card views and link clicks to optimize your Insta website - for free!

An Insta website can be your only website or the connection to your existing website. It’s the easiest way for your followers to access all you offer from your ‘link in bio’.

Whether you're a beginner or a website pro, you can have your Insta website online in minutes! Create your online brand and grow your business on the go with the Milkshake website builder.

Use an Insta website to...
- Introduce yourself and what makes you amazing
- Share your services, products, passion projects, promotions, testimonials & social profiles
- Keep followers up to date on your latest blog posts, podcast episodes, ebooks & resources
- Promote your YouTube videos and channel to turn your followers into subscribers
- Recommend your top picks, fave buys, must-dos & must-haves
- Highlight your latest and greatest work
- Receive new bookings and clients
- Launch your new business venture
+ more coming your way!

Share an Insta website on...
- Social networks, including: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitch, Tumblr, WhatsApp and WeChat
- Business cards, email signatures, brochures, posters, online profiles and listings
- Portfolio sites and resumes
+ anywhere your followers and customers want to learn more about you!

Time to show the world what you’re made of.
Aaaand go!
What's new in v1.3.4
Introducing the modern take on Clint Eastwood's '69 classic..."The Good, the Bad & The Bugly". Or in other words, an update with nicer UI + less bugs. Choose your own adventure ;)
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