Argh! Earthlings!
4.5 (8)
iOS Universal
Argh! Earthlings!
iOS Universal
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4.5 (12)
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4.5 (8)
Get "Argh! Earthlings!" and discover the consequences of an UFO crash, accidentally caused by David, a young, slightly left-handed hobby astronomer.
Explore the surroundings of over 50 game scenes. Collect various items and combine them by just a simple finger tap. Discover the secret of a little farm and its residents and help the really upset alien named "Fred" to escape the earth, but don't get caught by the lurking agents...

=== System Requirements ===

iPhone or iPad running iOS 10.3 or better.

=== Story ===

Everywhere on earth people report unexplainable encounters of the third kind. Some of them report UFO sights, some see symbols or even aliens in corn fields, but no one can claim having shot down an alien spacecraft - no one, but David.

David is a young hobby astronomer who one day shoots down one of these flying saucer using his self-made model rocket. Unfortunately he loses his awareness just in that one second.

Up again he starts his private investigation mission. His adventure does not only uncover unbelievable findings, but it will also turn his complete live upside down...

=== Features ===

- Retro point and click adventure, optimized for mobile devices
- Simple one-finger navigation
- Automatic game saving
- Over 1 hour of gameplay (in default game speed)
- Multiple solution possibilities in some situations.
- Adjustable game speed
- Optimized for long battery consumption and low cpu usage
- Shake to show a in-game help
- iPhone X fullscreen support
What's new in v1.1.9
Argh! Earthlings! is even better now!

- Removed some bugs to support newest iOS 12. Attention! Minimum version required is iOS 10.3.

- Languages are listed in their translations now. This should help searching for the desired language.
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  • $2.99
    May 19 2019
  • $1.99
    May 13 2019
  • Update
    March 6 2019
  • $2.99
    September 19 2018
  • $1.99
    September 16 2018
  • Update
    July 31 2018
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    May 15 2018
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    January 30 2018
  • Update
    January 16 2018
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    January 3 2018
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    December 31 2017
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    October 2 2017
  • New App: $2.99
    September 22 2017
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