WAVE5®: Compass
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WAVE5®: Compass
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WAVE5®: Compass addresses your body’s imbalances so you can live your best life. Our short, instructive videos give you knowledge and power to target pain and improve performance in over 25 body regions. Compass provides scores of expert-led, customizable muscle and joint care sessions.

The WAVE5 app works together with the WAVE5 multi-tool to enable you to respond to pain and discomfort in muscles and joints when you need it. Rediscover your natural balance through our interactive, personalized experience.

Compass guides your personalized self-care experience.

WAVE5 techniques offer a unique approach to self-applied pressure to help relieve muscle and joint pain. Predicated on self-myofascial release, our step-by-step videos target the muscles affected by–and contributing to–your imbalance. Muscular Imbalances typically have more than one cause, so we offer multiple paths to help you find—and ultimately target—the source. Not every path is intuitive and many times requires focusing outside of the targeted area and into another.

Our post-session feedback asks how you feel, and our post-session recommendations take the guesswork out of your next steps. We navigate the journey around your body from one ache or pain to another.

Compass makes your self-muscle care convenient.

Our easy interface asks you to point to the muscle or joint where you hurt. Then, you will learn how to hydrate that muscle or joint from the inside out to relieve the pain. Set up your profile, and we record your Muscle Hydration® history so you can keep track of your progress. If you run out of time while targeting an area, our “Continue Previous Muscle Hydration” option allows you to work into and around your busy schedule. We are your on demand self-muscle care when you need it most.

• Offers expert-led muscle and joint care videos
• Targets over 25 body regions
• Customizes the path around your body to reduce aches and pains
• Provides tutorials on self-care techniques
• Gives post-session recommendations on where to target next
• Stores history of user muscle hydration

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What's new in v1.0.7
As you get busier for the holidays, we decreased transition time from screen-to-screen. We compressed the videos for faster loading and optimized the body region screens for easier selection of both muscles and joints. Most importantly, we eliminated bugs in the video and audio playback. We strive to make your muscle recovery simple and are excited to hear your feedback.
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