Bar Buddy Inc
5.0 (4)
iOS Universal
Bar Buddy Inc
Cooper Brown
iOS Universal
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5.0 (4)
BarBuddy Description

BarBuddy gives you the power to grab a drink with a pal like never before!

Discover new bars, find events and happy hours, and share it all with your friends. Whether far from home or in your own neighborhood, BarBuddy encourages adventure.

-Filter bars by nightclubs, breweries, or bars
-Quickly scroll through an abundance of options and check their ratings

-Use the map feature to quickly search for a bar in your area
-Find your friends on a night out easily by locating their icon

-Add friends and post statuses to keep up with each other
-Review bars to keep your network updated
What's new in v3.0
New UI and bug fixes!
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  • Update
    November 15 2019
  • Update
    October 8 2019
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    September 17 2019
  • Update
    September 7 2019
  • New App: Free
    June 11 2019