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The SafePush application replaces the necessity of installing buttons or sensors inside a vehicle. With the help of SafePush, the driver can press virtual buttons and send their status to the fleet manager.

For example, it simplifies the way drivers authenticate: they can easily login directly from the app, using credentials given by the fleet manager.

SafePush is highly recommended for companies with fleets that activate in the garbage collection, public utilities or snow removal areas. It's also very useful for companies who want to track their driver's journey purpose (business/private) or want to assign journeys to specific cost centers or projects.

Use cases:
A garbage collection company may need to track where there is:
- a pothole
- a broken dumpster
- an empty dumpster
- a non-standard garbage.

A snow removal company may need to track:
- what's the availability of the driver: on/off call
- what's the blade status: up/down
- where they've applied salt or sand

A public utilities company may need to know:
- when the pressure pump is started/turned off
- when the void pump is started/turned off.

A generic company which has a fleet may need to know:
- which journeys are for business or for private purposes
- if the driver is in an accident or an emergency situation and taps the panic button
- if some journeys should be assigned to a specific cost center or project.
What's new in v1.1.39
This release contains some bug fixes and minor improvements.
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    November 5 2019
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    September 16 2019
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    June 13 2019
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    May 13 2019