X-Stream Service TV
4.3 (6)
iOS Universal
X-Stream Service TV
iOS Universal
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4.3 (6)
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4.3 (6)
X TV is the awesome streaming TV service that is available exclusively to X-Stream Services Internet Subscribers. You can watch TV the way you want and anytime you want. There are no set-top box rentals required! You can watch all your favorite live Local, News, Sport, Movie, Music and Weather channels instantly or at a later time. You can use your own streaming media device and host a party outdoors or anywhere you would like to move your TV to, and without wires! Some of the awesome features include: *Replay TV- Never miss your favorite show again! With Replay TV, X TV can store up to 72 hours of shows in the cloud so you can access your shows instantly!
*Startover TV- You will never again miss the beginning of a movie or show that you wanted to watch. With Startover TV you can select to watch from beginning. *Free Cloud DVR- Store up to 100 hours of DVR recordings for FREE! Additional storage available.
*Free HD Channels- X TV now delivers over 180 channels of HD!
*Premium Channels available- HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz *All your live TV, online subscriptions and App's in one easy to use device!
What's new in v1.27.0
- Landscape and Grid View support on Live Tab (iPhone/iPad)
- Settings Menu Enhancement
- CVAA support for iPhone and iPad
- Search screen improvements
- Media Player UI Enhancements(iPhone/iPad)
- Main Navigation Unification across TV and Mobile applications.
- Post roll for completed catchup (TV)
- Bug fixes and improvements