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Gump: The Gaming Companion App
Jordan LaGrone
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Tired of waiting on loading screen after loading screen just to reply to an in-game chat message? Sick of playing cross-platform games with your friends without having a way to communicate instantaneously? Then download the new gaming companion app Gump!

With Gump, you can store and add your gaming friends from across all consoles so no more needing to remember their information! Sign up and create an account and gain the ability to instantly searching and adding other users as friends. Send "signals", which are like notifications, to your friends to let them know what game you plan on playing and on which console. You can also attach a custom message to your signals to make them a little bit more personal.

Instead of pausing mid-game to send a message you can just sign into your Gump account, send the friend you want to game with a signal, and voila! Your friend will receive the signal containing the information you entered. Gump doesn't save any messages to your device, instead it uses push notifications to keep interactions brief, swift, and convenient. Make sure you have push notifications enabled in order to use Gump effectively. Think of Gump as the communication platform that places you and all of your friends from across all systems in one location. Download the app today!

- Save your titles to your "Game Library"
- Upload your gametags to your profile to share with your friends
- Add other users by searching their username
- Create a gaming promo message that other users will see when they view your profile
What's new in v1.2.1
- Updated UI, creating signals is now more intuitive and convenient
- Internal performance improvements
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    June 9 2020
  • Update
    June 4 2020
  • New App: Free
    May 24 2020