Billy Crystal's ROAST 'EM
3.4 (42)
iOS Universal
Billy Crystal's ROAST 'EM, Inc.
iOS Universal
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3.4 (42)
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3.4 (42)
This isn’t a toast--it’s a ROAST. Team up with the legendary Billy Crystal as you roast your friends and family. Personalize your tribute with costumes, hairstyles, and most importantly, your aberrant sense of humor. Simply upload a picture of the “Guest of Honor”, dress to impress, choose your jokes, and then together on the big stage, you and Billy will ROAST ‘EM! Unlock special features including additional costumes, hairstyles, and more comical jokes. It’s all in good fun, and you’ll have everyone rolling in the aisles when you share your creation.

Think you have what it takes to be a Roastmaster? Step into the spotlight and steal the show. Bestow upon your friends and family the great honor of a roasting by subjecting them to some good-natured gags at their expense. Who doesn’t love a little flattery?

You only roast the ones you love.

*Choose from an extensive list of jokes
*Hand-pick your costumes & hairstyles
*Share your performance with friends
*Unlock unique special features
*Collect cards & cardpacks that contain unlockable items
What's new in v1.3
- Fixed video processing bug