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Aumi helps you reduce burnout, manage anxiety and organise your mind.

- Keep track of your mood with periodic notifications.
- Log your activity throughout the day to make sure you don't burn yourself out.
- View your mood and energy levels over time at a glance, using graphs.
- Plan your days whilst ensuring that your energy levels are balanced, helping you to complete your activities without feeling exhausted.
- Checklists can be added to events to help you carry out a task in a stressful situation.
- Tell people about yourself using your profile. This makes communicating your needs easier.
- Use the widgets in order to record your mood and energy levels as quickly as possible.
- All events, activities, and moods include symbols, making it as visual as possible.

Aumi is built to help people who need help managing their anxiety, monitoring their mood and avoiding burnout. Aumi is also for and by people on the autism spectrum.
What's new in v1.2
Thank you for using Aumi. The changes in this version are listed below.
- You can now share your mood and energy graphs. The share icon is at the bottom left of their cards. They are shared as images.
- There have been some changes to the size of buttons and labels to improve the experience on smaller screens.
The Aumi team
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