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Fewl is a resource app created to empower followers of Jesus to live their faith courageously. Fueled by trusted contributors, this powerful content platform delivers relevant, focused, Kingdom content and provides a safe place for meaningful conversations about topics that matter.

Fewl harnesses technology to build healthy, real-world community by focusing on four core commitments.

Focused Content
Our strategy is to create cohesive content that is designed to go together, covering timely, relevant topics as well as intentionally examining the foundations of our faith. Flowing from a unique perspective, the articles, videos and audio content will be fresh and thought-provoking.

Trusted Contributors
Valuing more than concepts from talking heads, we have gathered contributors who have real experience and a passion to pursue God as practitioners in many different spheres to provide insights and observations from their own Kingdom journeys.

Meaningful Conversations
While there would be great value in simply providing relevant resources from trusted voices, the heart behind Fewl is to create a safe place for real dialogue to take place - even when people are coming from different perspectives. We are committed to this in both the ways that we promote interaction with users, and in the technology that we will use to protect the conversations.

Growing Community
We will use our digital presence to encourage real relationships to form and grow. For some of our users and contributors this will happen through messaging and connecting in the app, while others may make intentional time to meet up during live gatherings.

Features Include:
- FOCUS on what matters most by using our advanced filters that help that you see the content that match your interest.
- ENGAGE with the content and contribute to the conversation through our custom pull out interaction bar.
- GROW RELATIONS as you make connections with other users through our social interaction functionality.
  • App History
  • New App: Free
    August 4 2020