The West Cocoon Warehouse App
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The West Cocoon Warehouse App
Tomioka City
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Tomioka Silk Mill
An official audio guide to the West Cocoon Warehouse, a national treasure.

You can listen to the main audio guide tour, which guides you through the sights of the West Cocoon Warehouse where the conservation and re-using project is now complete and it is finally open to the public. The rōkyoku audio guide is voiced by traditional rōkyoku narrative singer, Tamagawa Daifuku.

Main Guide tour:
- Provides easy-to-understand explanations of points of interest on the first and second floors (structures, history, exhibits, etc.)
- Approximately a 35 minute runtime
- Available in English, Japanese, French, Korean, and Chinese languages

Special Guide tour: Rōkyoku version
- Voiced by traditional rōkyoku narrative singer Tamagawa Daifuku
- Entertainingly relates the highlights of the second floor (episodes related to facilities and labor, etc.) mixed with rōkyoku
- Approximately a 30 minute runtime
- Available with English-language commentary

- When visiting the site (the West Cocoon Warehouse), participating in an audio guide tour (reservation required) is required to visit the second floor.
- Please use headphones when listening to the audio guide at the site (the West Cocoon Warehouse).
- The app is free, but data and cellular fees are the user's responsibility.
What's new in v1.0.2
• Bug fixes
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  • Update
    June 1 2020
  • Update
    June 1 2020
  • New App: Free
    May 25 2020