MiniCoach SNACK 1
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MiniCoach SNACK 1
Sung Hee Bae
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■ If your busy work life makes it difficult to get regular exercise!
■ If you are stressed out because of your weight gain!
■ If you find yourself eating unnecessary snacks from morning to nighttime!
■ If you do not know where to start for weight loss!
■ If you want to make your healthy life like mine!

How about improving unnecessary snacking habits first?
The 21 Day Challenge of Mini Coach will help you with this process.

Mini Coach will help you get away from bad snacking habits.
Mini Coach will help you start good snacking habits.

Would you like to start a healthy snacking habit with a mini coach?


1. Provides daily missions.
The daily mission was created with the advice of a nutrition coach and a personal trainer.
It will help you to form six core snacking habits during 21 days.

2. Provides a variety of information
A variety of tips are available to form healthy snacking habits, such as what types of healthy snacks to eat, the timing of when to ingest snacks throughout the day, and the amount of proper snacks you should be eating.

3. Specific Goal “21 Day”
A fixed period of 21 days helps to improve motivation.
The “21 Day” is a scientific period in which the brain begins to get accustomed to new habits despite a lot of resistance.

4. Statistics
You can check the "success and failure of the mission" through the graph.
Check your point of failure and try to overcome it.

5. Sharing on Social Media
Share your daily mission success on social media! Encouragement from friends can be a good motivator.

6. Notification
You can set custom notifications
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