Math Exercise-Answer Book
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Math Exercise-Answer Book
Gorski Jennifer
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This is a problem-solving tool for mathematics calculations, which is ideal for everyday use exercises;

[Introduction to usage and function]
     1. Practice the problem by randomly generating a question based on the number range entered by the user;
     2. Perform the questions according to the four calculations;
     3. The user can click to start the answer, and finally click on the answer to complete the question, and then a statistic will be made on the result of the answer;
     4. Easy to use, come and challenge together!
What's new in v1.1
Optimized content:
     * Optimized the scope limit of randomly generated exercises, so that you can get the exercises within the scope, which is convenient for users to operate;
     * Optimized the final statistical performance, sorting the statistical results, allowing users to quickly view the results and improve the efficiency of use;
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    May 13 2019
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    May 7 2019