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Cuddle is the best live audio streaming social app to start a live audio broadcast, listen to live streams, meet new friends, and chat with strangers.

#Go live with Cuddle
Storytelling, singing, chatting, podcasting, dating, partying whatever you do with the voice, do it on Cuddle

- Chat rooms: Start a channel and chat with your group via voice and text
- Push notifications: Notify your followers and invite them to the live shows
- Build community: Interact with your fans and friends
- Personalize your chat room: Add a tag and set background pic for your live chat room

#Listen to Live Streams
Discover popular live audio streams from around the world.

- Call in during the live and interact with the host via voice
- Follow the host, receive the notification and never miss a live stream
- Support the host’s creative activity by sending likes
- Start a group chat with strangers from all over the world
- Support the hosts and receive badges for your contribution

No more Omegle stranger's talk. You will not be worried anymore that you can't get to know your Omegle friends. Go live and invite your friends from Omegle to join the party and feel the voice tribe.

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What's new in v1.9.4
( ̄(エ) ̄) Hi lovely cuddlers, this is Cuddle Bear.
Some pesky bugs were caught stealing my honey and were exterminated, you're welcome.
Leave me your reviews and feedback, it means a lot to me.
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