Unicorn HTTPS
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Unicorn HTTPS
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4.8 (1019)
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4.8 (1019)
Internet should be free and equal to everyone. There should be no surveillance and interference. Unicorn HTTPS is invented to solve the inconvenience from HTTPS eavesdropping and blocking while using Internet. Every function is served free of charge, no advertisement. Your personal information is never collected by us and you can access blocked HTTPS websites without a slowdown in speed. Please use it with confidence.

Representative features
• HTTPS blocking bypass
• change DNS quickly(,
• SNI field protection
• No slowdown
• All browser support

Safe HTTPS Block Bypass App
This is an app created by team Unicorn to bypass blocked HTTPS access as securely and fast as possible. With over 4 years of experience built from our know-how and technology, we are committed to providing you a quality service so your web surfing experience can be pleasant by regularly managing and updating our app.

Changing the internet for the better
Unicorn HTTPS Blocking Bypass App is created to give freedom of Internet access and personal information protection. All internet users can feel safe and use this app.

You can use it at a fast speed without speed decrease.
You can use it at a fast speed without slowing down.
Unicorn is different from the other apps such as VPN or another app which uses the overseas server. It is developed to change the specific packet so it can be used for web surfing without reduction of speed.

Your private information are safely protected with us
Unicorn HTTPS block Bypass App secures all users' private information. It does not trace or save any private information from the used apps or visited websites.

It can be used in all browsers
Unicorn HTTPS Blocking Bypass App can be used freely by clicking the button once on your current browser. It supports multiple browsers such as Chrome, Samsung Internet, Firefox, Opera, and more.

Are you having a pleasant web surfing? Please spare a little bit of your time to leave us a review. It will be a great support to the developer.

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What's new in v1.3.61
Fixes the problem that user DNS (IPv4) is not applied when the system DNS is IPv6
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  • Update
    April 8 2021
  • Update
    March 23 2021
  • Update
    February 10 2021
  • Update
    February 6 2021
  • Update
    January 20 2021
  • Update
    January 8 2021
  • Update
    January 4 2021
  • Update
    November 26 2020
  • Update
    November 21 2020
  • Update
    October 12 2020
  • Update
    August 8 2020
  • Update
    August 5 2020
  • New App: Free
    June 7 2019
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