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Speak with symbols in real-time! Symbol-It provides a natural and fun way to translate your
speech into picture symbols in real time. With Symbol-It in hand, any English speaker can
communicate with a Symbol Speaker without having to learn to use a speech generating device
or app!

● See your spoken language made visible with over 21,000 industry leading picture symbols!
● With Symbol-It, it becomes easy for all family members, educators, therapists,
physicians, and friends to communicate with the Symbol Speakers in your life.
● Symbol-It brings the world of spoken language to Symbol Speakers, whether it’s in their
home, their school, their community, or anywhere life can lead them.

● Symbol Speakers learn alternative communication more naturally by being immersed in
those around them using it in their everyday lives.
● Not familiar with augmentative communication? No problem! Symbol-It makes it easy
for all English speakers to naturally speak to the Symbol Speaker in their language.
● Picture symbols are color coded by their part of speech using to the Modified Fitzgerald
color coding system. Nouns are orange, verbs are green, pronouns are yellow, etc.

● Symbol-It is rooted in the idea of Dual-Symbol Immersion from the research of Dr.
O’Lenick & Garcia.
● This ground breaking theory suggests that just as spoken language is learned through
imitation, Symbol Speakers learn symbols best through interacting with other people
speaking both verbal language and picture symbols simultaneously, as opposed to
symbol only interactions.

● Adjust the size of your symbols to meet the needs of your Symbol Speakers. Choose between small, medium, large, and extra large symbol sizes!
● A light and a dark color make the display more comfortable on the eyes.
● Communicate with Symbol Speakers using their symbol system of choice! Symbol-It uses
picture symbols from the leading companies in the industry, including Boardmaker and
Semantic Compaction/Printke Romich.
● Make your language easier to understand by choosing from over 7 research-backed core vocabulary

Provisional patent. ©SymbolSpeak, LLC 2019.

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What's new in v1.2.0
iOS 13 is here, and Symbol-It is packed with new features to celebrate!

Here's what's new with version 1.2:
- Dark Mode: Symbol-It now automatically uses dark mode when your device is in dark mode. (iOS 13+ only)
- Voice Control Support: Control Symbol-It with just your voice! Enable voice control in the Settings app and enjoy. (iOS 13+ only)
- Dynamic Text: All of the text in Symbol-It can now be resized to make symboling more accessible than ever. Head to Settings -> Accessibility -> Display & Text Size to change your font size and weight.
- Updated Menu: We've made the menu easier to use and access. Tap the bottom button on the main screen to access the settings.
- Bug fixes: We're always squashing bugs to provide you the best symboling experience as possible.

As always, happy symboling!
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