Pro Guide for APEX Legends
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Pro Guide for APEX Legends
Emre Sancaktaroglu
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This is the APEX Legends guide which you are waiting for.
This app will be useful for both novice and experienced players. No Ads! No Web containers!

Always Up to Date!

‣ Compare all weapons with every detail side by side!
‣ Find your best weapon for your game style!
‣ You can reach all weapons recoil, deviation, spread and sway stats so you can find your best mouse sensitivity and spray style.
‣ Now you will understand why you are better with some weapons and bad with others.
‣ Compare weapons with all the details and easily see the best and worst stats.
‣ Find your best attachments for the weapons and game style.
‣ See all the items descriptions and effects.
‣ Quick look epic, rare and legendary items.
‣ Tier Lists.

‣ Look at the interactive maps and find your needs easily in your game. (Weapons & Beacon spawn locations, road maps, best drop zones, etc...)
‣ Pro Guide for APEX uses our cloud system database to add or update items so you don't have to wait for application updates. We will always update on the cloud and you will be always updated.
‣ Works without an internet connection. (it needs one time open and navigate the views)
‣ Ready for iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR & iOS 12.1


Pro Guide for APEX features;
- Legends (Characters)
- Weapons (with all stats)
- Equipment
- Attachments
- Consumables
- Miscellaneous


This is the unofficial all-in-one native iOS application for APEX Legends game.
Note: This is not an APEX Legends game. It's a game guide for APEX Legends players.
What's new in v1.0.1
minor fixes.
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