Johny Space Force Agent
5 (4)
iOS Universal
Johny Space Force Agent
iOS Universal
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5 (4)
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5 (4)
Play as a space force agent that roams around cosmos and smash alien invaders. The game is a fun time killer game that allows you to take control of a space force agent.
- He travels through space and smashes
- He destroys evil aliens
- He throws bombs, a lot of them actually.
- He travels through space
- His name is Johny
- He wants to travel as far as possible and it is awfully pleasurable to throw those grenades.

This game is simple and fun. It does not integrate any hardcore mechanics but use simple game mechanics of tap and shoot to progress forward. He moves forward no matter what but you only have limited number of bombs to continue the progress.
What's new in v1.1.2
Improve game loading speed, minor bug fixes
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    May 24 2020