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The Next One
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Are you rather a fine tactician, great leader, talent scout, or king of the transfers?
Find your style, win titles, and you may enter the Pantheon of great managers, alongside Lippi, Ancelotti or Mourinho…

Straight to the game
> Progress in a few minutes a day
TNO was designed by football manager fans. But who don't have 6 hours a day to spend on a game! On TNO, you can progress in the game and have fun playing it for only a few minutes a day, during commute or between two meetings!

You’ll never play alone
> Compete against friends and other enthusiasts
On TNO, you can trash talk your friends after each victory against them! Or keep a low profile after a heavy defeat ... But TNO is not only played between friends! The clubs you face will not be run by a computer, but by real people! Join the same game as your friends to face them. And there might be other groups of friends in the same game. It's up to you to be the best manager among all these competitors, not against the machine!

Whichever club you choose to lead, you will be in the running to become the best manager in the game. By taking on a big club you will of course be able to win titles faster, but it is more challenging to finish 8th with Nancy than champion of France with Paris! The ranking of managers takes into account your performance according to the quality of your workforce. Second element taken into account: the quality of your transfers: do you know how to buy players at the right price? Do you know how to oversell your players? You will have no information in the game on the value of the players, it's up to you to know the quality of the players and the market prices to get the best deals!
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