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LegacyBook™ is the world’s premiere estate planning app. It is a secure platform to help you plan your legacy, and if you want, engage and share with your inner circle of family and advisers. Getting started is easy, First, you need to get your LegacyBook™ access code. You can request an access code from any LegacyBook™ professional Subscription. Once you receive your initial access code from your LegacyBook™ professional, you can now set up your account. Just open LegacyBook™, enter the access code, and begin the revolutionary process of organizing, capturing, preserving your legacy. Not sure how to find an authorized LegacyBook™ professional? Simply email us with the email provided here, and we can refer you to a professional trained in the LegacyBook™ system of estate planning, preservation, and security. Your LegacyBook™ professional will then use their secure admin portal to email you or otherwise provide you with your initial access code, and you will be on your way.

The LegacyBook™ app is part of the LegacyBook™ System, which offers numerous data, security, and collaboration services. The LegacyBook™ System helps make your legacy goals a reality. LegacyBook™ helps you do this in the following ways:

Boasting 11 layers of security, the LegacyBook™ app is designed to safeguard the most sensitive types of data.

Better planning by capturing where the clients life is on their journey, with what their current aspirations are.

Uniquely available 24/7 in the palm of your hand, so information can be added in real time as life changes.

Financial planners finally have a mobile tool to better take care of their clients needs while growing their business.

If you are a financial, legal, or tax professional and interested in how to become a part of the LegacyBook™ System -- email or call us, with the information provided here; or download the app and fill out the more information form in app. We qualify and authorize professionals in the financial, legal, and tax industries.
What's new in v2.02
New User Experience Feature

LegacyBook™ User Experience feature helps guide the user through the nine Life Domains! Also we have added Pro-Tip’s to help the user with in-app functionality.

-The welcome screen will have animations as part of the animation journey. Along with the welcome screen, specific categories puzzle pieces will also have animations.
-We are animating each puzzle piece in the main menu to help the user through the sections.
-Welcome Screen Slider for Journey Animation.
-Added Pro-Tips are suggestions to the users/advisors to help them navigate the categories.
-Ability to turn “Pro-Tips” off and on.

New Features
-Ability to add photo on welcome screen.
-Ability to delete pictures.
-App prevents video recording of a form and backgrounding of screen shots.
-Delegate SMS (text) notification activated Client Account.

Bug Fixes & Improvements
-Fixed Spouse Complete Button.
-Updated for use on iOS 13.
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