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Smojis – The Emoji Keyboard
source soup - Nils und Sascha Hobbensiefken GbR
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We love emojis, because they add color to the communication and help to express one’s feelings. Unfortunately, Trekkies have to make do with only a „live long and prosper“ so far and a lot of farmers would love to choose between different colors when using the tractor, but with almost 2,800 emojis (and counting) there is already a wide range. So many, that you cannot see the wood for the trees sometimes.

Because there is an emoji for nearly every situtation, but almost nobody is going to need every emoji, we developed Smojis. You can simply customize the keyboard of Smojis and hide single emojis or whole categories. Of course, you do not have to do without the hidden emojis when you need them anyhow, but they will not bother you any longer.

• Hide single emojis
• Hide complete categories
• Select a default skin tone for all relevant emojis
• Select between dark and bright color scheme
• Optional category for recently used emojis
• Optional category for hidden emojis

Questions about data privacy? In contrast to many other keyboard extensions, Smojis does not require full access, which means no data will exit your device.

Please note: Smojis is a keyboard extension. Smojis will not modify the system emoji keyboard.
What's new in v1.0.5
- fixed bug: scrolling in emoji settings in Smojis app doesn't accidentally trigger multi selection anymore
- fixed bug: landscape mode does trigger correctly now
- fixed typos and small wording adjustments

- added: new settings switch to preselect 'recently used' category when keyboard is shown
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