Four Days
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Four Days
Sergio Gutierrez Mota
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If you have multiple food allergies, one of the best ways to help yourself is to “rotate” your foods, or eat a rotation diet. Four days allow you to keep track of what you are eating to avoid repetition and prevent you from forming new food intolerances

What is a rotation diet?

A rotation diet is a system of controlling food allergies by eating biologically related foods on the same day and then waiting at least four days before eating them again. Such a diet can help those with food allergies in several ways and may help prevent the development of allergies to new foods.

Why rotate your foods?

1. We are biologically designed to rotate foods.

Man is meant to eat with the seasons. We are not designed to eat avocado every single day, because nature does not allow for it. In nature (or even 100-150 years ago) we ate what was local and available.

2. Rotation allows for more nutrient diversity.

If we eat avocado as our main source of fat every day, we’re missing out on all of the healthy fats in olive oil, coconut, and beef tallow. Different foods come with different nutrients and we need variety for vibrancy!

3. Eating the same foods constantly can cause food intolerances and impede gut healing

Any food, if eaten repetitively, can cause food allergies especially if we have gut issues.
Why? Like we stated above, our bodies aren’t designed to eat the same thing over and over again. And if we have permeable intestines and are eating avocado daily, our immune system is reacting to the avocado over, and over, and over again. Eventually it becomes too much.
Surely, the goal is to heal the gut. However, an important piece of gut healing is to remove inflammation, and stopping new intolerances from forming. Thus, a rotation diet can be an amazing strategy within a gut healing template.
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